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So are you like…surprised?

Boris Johnson’s Conservative party have received a surge in cash from Russian donors from r/worldnews   Dude, this is like saying Tuesday comes after Wednesday.

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The Beginning Of Their End?

It is an interesting moment in western history. In this country, Trump is finally facing an impeachment inquiry. In Britain, Boris Johnson has suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of the nation’s supreme court. In Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu fights for political survival. Nothing is firmly decided. The Right could still weather this particular storm.…

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Brexit Crystal Ball

One of the many, many unpleasant things about the rightwards trend in modern politics is that we have to engage with things we’d rather not. The Nazis were unpleasant enough when they were just the bad guys in an Indiana Jones movie; now that they’re walking through the streets with placards it’s all a bit…

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