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Voting Day is Here!

I was out at 6am today to hit the poles to get this blue wave started and I was very encouraged to see so many people out at the crack of dawn to make their voices heard. In my area there’s quite the mix of older millennials like myself (30 somethings), and there’s a lot…

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We’re Looking For A Few Good Reads

As always in an age of Trumpian madness, there’s lots of interesting articles to see on the Web this week. This time around, our favs include: Over on the Hill, we have Republicans Beware: The ‘blue wave’ is already changing red states by Kristin Tate. This one is kind of amusing because Tate is a…

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An Extremely Worrying Meme

The other day, I saw the above meme on the People For Bernie Instagram feed. I did a search for the picture itself, and discovered there is, indeed, a back story. Something about two celebs having a “bromance.” And the image has become a general meme symbolizing pride before a fall. But what I found…

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