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Notes from the Editor’s Desk

Hey, Everyone! So another week’s gone flying past. And once again there may have been a few great stories on LR Net that you just didn’t get a chance to read. So, once more, we’re here to suggest a few articles we’ve done recently that might be crying out for your special attention. So, open…

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Why Black Panther is Important: An interview with Alicia Norman

Editor’s note: The movie Black Panther has been a major event in American filmmaking, both in commercial terms, and in the potential social impact of the production. To figure out why, we recently sat down with the African-American  filmmaker and animator (and occasional contributor to, Alicia Norman to talk about the film’s meaning and…

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Black Panther, White Bigot

There was an intriguing article over on Splinter recently, Black Panther Is Making Conservatives Feel Profoundly Threatened by Isha Aran. She’s looked at a number of reviews of the film that were written by right-leaning reviewers. What’s she’s found, she says, is a certain class of white people is a bit concerned about Panther. It…

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