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The Prince of Black Water

Fascinating article over the Intercept recently. In The Complete Mercenary, Matthew Cole looks at the curious case of Erik Prince, brother of Betsy De Vos and founder of the Blackwater mercenary company. In the piece, Cole looks at how Prince brought himself and his company back from the brink thanks to his connections with the…

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Erick Prince: There was a meeting!

In an amazing development, Erik Prince has acknowledged that he did meet with Donald Trump Jr. and a representative of Saudi Arabia before the 2016 election, apparently in an attempt to co-ordinate efforts to get Trump Senior into the White House. The admission came on Al Jazeeera’s Head To Head program. The British newspaper, The…

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Erik Prince in Mueller’s Sights

Well, isn’t this interesting? You remember Erik Prince? The chap who ran the Blackwater mercenary operation? And who is the brother of Betsy (“Kill A Teacher For Christ”) De Vos? Well, ABC news is reporting “…that [Special Counsel Robert] Mueller is also reviewing Prince’s communications, a sign that Mueller could try to squeeze Prince, as…

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