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We Are Not A Church!

Dear Bill Barr of @TheJusticeDept: I’m just a simple Catholic. But even I know your job is to enforce the law, not the Bible. We are a Constitutional Republic, not a theocracy. Do your job instead of being a full on conspiracy theorist.#SaturdayMorning Thoughts — Ted Lieu (@tedlieu) October 12, 2019

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Barr Wants To Read Your Email

From aris technica: Barr says the US needs encryption backdoors to prevent “going dark.” Um, what? Basically, he wants to make certain that you have no secrets from Big Brother, you disloyal rebel scum.

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Meme: Barr, The Nation’s Attorney, or 45’s?

Trump did ask Barr to be his personal attorney before he was AG… Things that make you go hmmmmm.     ***   Chris Madsen is a writer and activist based in the great state of Hawaii. He frequently writes from the unique perspective of his Pacific home. His opinions are his own. This work…

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