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A Streetcar Named Disaster: Part 2

1. Last week, we introduced you to “The ART,” the Albuquerque Rapid Transit system. The story that follows is Part 2 of that A.R.T. tale, and we offer it not just because the story takes place in Albuquerque, the place where LR Net has its home office, but also because it is uniquely instructive. Specifically,…

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A Streetcar Named Disaster

1. This story is the beginning of a series of stories. The series will deal with an abject and total disaster. It will appear irregularly over the next few weeks, maybe months, as the situation requires. And it will tell a tale of hubris, and incompetence in high places, and of a Republican mayor who…

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Fascist Artwork Roundup.

If you’re reading Liberal, there’s probably a pretty clear reason why you’re here. That’s right – art criticism! Just because people on the left are understandably worried about the iminent end of the world, there’s no reason we can’t take some time out for levity – in this case to laugh at the paintings…

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