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Memo To Fired RedState Writers: Join Us!

So, we learned from The Daily Beast this week that RedState, a formerly conservative but now increasingly merely Right-wing website, has “purged” a number of its writers…including some of its most popular and well-read writers…for the crime of being insufficiently pro-Trump. According to Andrew Kirell and Lachlan Markay, the purge was both sudden and brutal.…

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Anti-Trump Dating Site

File this under We Wish We’d Thought Of That … Writing over in the Cut, Amanda Arnold tells us that a Liberal Group has launched a dating site for anti-Trump folk. She notes that, “For singles who don’t simply want to unite in love, but also ‘unite against Trump,’ don’t even bother with Bumble, League,…

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Notes From The Editor

Our editor, the crazed Michael Jay Tucker, offers some notes on stories that you might have missed, but will most certainly want to catch before they go. And, also, he gives us a glance at some great upcoming features on LR Net…including excerpts from a terrifically funny novel set in a post-Trumpian America.  

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The Trump Candle

Seen the “Trump Candle” yet? It is funny, fabulous, and, actually, kind of profound. It is a candle in the shape of Der Drumpf’s head. Light it, and, behold, he slowly melts down to a puddle of sad little drippings—a wonderful metaphor for what, we hope, is coming. A product of Ouniques, “a collective of…

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