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Trump’s great Taj Wall

Welcome to the Virtual Reality2, Show hosted by Marc Keyser. Today’s guests: President Trump and Ann Coulter were unable to join us in the studio, but they are here in virtual reality. Host Marc Keyser: Mr. President you promised to build a great wall on the southern border to put an end to invasion of…

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Flash: Coulter Says She’s Stupid

News Flash: From the “It’s A Little Late…” Department. Huffpost says that Ann Coulter, the super-conservative pundit queen, has admitted she was damn dumb to support Donald Trump back in 2016. In an interview on Bill Maher’s Real Time, she agreed that she had been wrong to support him, and that at the time she’d…

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Dear Ann, We’re Reptiloid Aliens

So we read the other day that Ann Coulter had some kinda interesting words for the Democrats entering Congress this January. They are, she said, united only in their hatred of white men. Also, she continued, they are themselves “…Muslims and the Jews and the various exotic sexual groups and the black church ladies with…

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Ann Coulter Calls Border Children “Actors”

Oh, dear God in heaven… Ann Coutler apparently said on Fox News that the children you see weeping in detention centers after they’d been torn from their mothers were actually just “child actors” and that no one should pay the slightest attention to them. This is horrible… Not only is it cruel and unfeeling and…

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