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Our Robot Over-Loads

If, when, and how automation might displace the majority of Americans in the work force continues to be under discussion. Recently, there has been serious debate as to whether it will happen at all…or, at least, any time soon. But…well, check out this video from Boston Dynamics. Kinda think the robot invasion is coming. Maybe…

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“Smart” Guns Dumbed Down

Here is an interesting factoid. It is possible…even easy…to build a gun that only the registered owner can fire. The same technology that we use to secure cars with wireless ignitions could be used with firearms. One plan calls for the user to have a bluetooth enabled token in his or her possession, and if…

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Yang Distresses Me

From the Editor’s Desk I am distressed by how often I find myself writing about Andrew Yang, this year’s most inexplicable candidate for President. I don’t think he should be president. He doesn’t have the background for it. He’s a successful high tech CEO, yes, but that really isn’t what you need to be in…

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Andrew Yang: What Do We Make Of Him?

Among the distressingly many candidates running for as nomination as the Democrat’s pick for president, one of the more remarkable is Andrew Yang. A complete political novice, though a high-tech business success, Yang is unusual among the candidates in that he bases his political program on what might be called futurism. He sees an America…

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