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Sarah Palin Divorces

The Washington Post is reporting that Sarah Palin’s husband Todd may have begun divorce proceedings against her. In particular, notes the article, “Todd Palin appears to have filed a document suggesting he wants a divorce from Sarah Palin, the former Alaska governor who came to nationwide prominence as the running mate of Republican presidential candidate…

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Alaska Is Melting

If someone tells you that global warming is a hoax, point them at this article from Mashable: Alaska’s sea ice has completely melted away The article goes on to say, “The most rapidly changing state in the U.S. has no sea ice within some 150 miles of its shores, according to high-resolution sea ice analysis from…

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This last 4th of July it was 90 degrees in Anchorage, Alaska.  That’s actually hotter than it was in Hawaii.  All eyes should now be wide open to the fact that we have a massive global warming problem on our hands. Without large cooling thermal masses like glaciers it seems that Arctic areas will continue…

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