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Ninja Bomb Kills Terrorists

One interesting development in the world of unconventional warfare: the US Government has constructed the R9X, a variant on the Hellfire missile that does not carry explosives. Rather, it has six, large, razor-sharp blades that deploy just before it impacts its target. If you’re unlucky enough to be that target, you are sliced to pieces.…

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120,000 Troops To Middle East?

In a frightening development, the Trump White House is said to be considering sending an additional 120,000 troops to the Middle East. These men and women will be there in order to protect American interests in the event of a war with Iran. This comes after a recent increase in tension with Iran. John Bolton,…

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Exclusion Breeds Monsters

This may come under the heading of “No. Really? You think?”, but there has been an interesting development in the study of human behavior and of the origins of radicalism. According to The Guardian, a recent study has shown that people who feel excluded from their larger society are more likely to adopt extreme, or…

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