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What’s Next for Mueller?

With the recent arrest of Roger Stone.  I can’t help but wonder what or who is next in Mueller’s sights?  I thought about it for a while and based on the most logical and methodical approach I could think of this is what I see is most likely to happen. First off, I want to…

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Melania the Mole at G20

In Argentina, Vladimir Putin,  Donald Trump, and Melania Trump sat down at a table to talk without any other Americans or American government officials present.  Reportedly they were also the last to leave.  This is abnormal behavior considering Russia is a hostile nation.  One can only assume Melania was the translator and mentally took down…

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tRump Sent N-Waste To NV

Newsweek is reporting that the Trump administration secretly send nuclear waste to a storage facility in Nevada after the state had expressly forbidden the shipment. However, the White House simply ignored the state’s right to control shipments of dangerous materials into its territory. The magazine notes that this incident has inflamed already tense relations between…

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Keep Resisting: The Crimson Fascist Tide is Slowly Shifting

It does appear that Russia is slowly losing it’s control over our democracy through it’s installed puppet state, the Trump Administration.  Currently, more Americans are supporting the impeachment of Donald Trump than actually approve of him as “president”.   A very low percentage of Americans now have any confidence in Trump’s ability to be President.…

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Trump’s great Taj Wall

Welcome to the Virtual Reality2, Show hosted by Marc Keyser. Today’s guests: President Trump and Ann Coulter were unable to join us in the studio, but they are here in virtual reality. Host Marc Keyser: Mr. President you promised to build a great wall on the southern border to put an end to invasion of…

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Tucker Carlson Questions Capitalism

We don’t like Tucker Carlson. He’s been really unpleasant to one of us (founder Matt Blanchfield) in an interview. He’s been a supporter every of Right Wing crackpot from day one. He’s spread hate and vitriol on the airwaves. And he was an early backer of Donald Trump. So we have got good reasons not…

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