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Notes From Editor’s Desk

Some things you may have missed, plus some hints about things to come, all in a witty and charming video form. We’re just sure it’s witty and charming. Okay, maybe not.       Links To Articles Mentioned In This Video Don’t Tell Laura Ingraham https://www.liberalresistance.net/dont-tell-laura-ingraham/ Abolish The Anachronistic Second Amendment https://www.liberalresistance.net/abolish-the-anachronistic-second-amendment/ On Fascism https://www.liberalresistance.net/on-fascism/…

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Maybe Trump Is Getting His Parade…Sorta

So by now everyone knows about Der Dumpf’s infantile and narcissistic demand that the military throw him a parade, like the ones they have in Stalinist countries. And everyone knows that the military told him, in effect, to go suck an egg. But here’s an odd thought. Maybe, in a way, after a fashion… he…

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