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Is Biden History? And Harris Inevitable?

Interesting op-ed on the Washington Post site recently: Sorry, Mr. Vice President, it’s Harris’s race to lose in 2020 by Hugh Hewitt. In it, Mr. Hewitt argues that Joe Biden is a non-starter for the 2020 election. The former VP is just too compromised, he argues.  The Democratic nominee, he concludes, will almost certainly be…

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Pondering the Future

With so many negative events in our lives these days, it’s not easy to sort through it all and organize it into some kind of logical treatise.  Especially when one of my advanced age whose utterances can bring a dismissal like, “Oh, don’t bother with what she has to say, old people are out of…

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President Elizabeth Warren?

According to several news sources, Elizabeth Warren has announced that she will seek the presidency in 2020. On the one hand, we’re delighted. On the other, we do sort of wonder if she isn’t more important to America in Congress. Someone needs to focus on putting the plutocrats and oligarchs in check. Still, if she…

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