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Impeachment 2018

If you’re like us, or even if you’re just a rational human being, then the news of the last few weeks has been fairly shattering. Trump’s closest associates, like Manafort and Cohen, have been convicted of serious crimes, and (in the case of Cohen) revealed things about Trump himself that should end the career of…

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An Extremely Worrying Meme

The other day, I saw the above meme on the People For Bernie Instagram feed. I did a search for the picture itself, and discovered there is, indeed, a back story. Something about two celebs having a “bromance.” And the image has become a general meme symbolizing pride before a fall. But what I found…

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Spotlight: Tom Prigg for Penn

By @BossBird17 Part III: He Blinded Me with Science and Policy There are moments, especially, when I’m feeling snarky when I question the intelligence and introspective level of many politicians. Thus, I ponder the intelligence of Ben Carson, a neurosurgeon and current Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, who believes that the Earth was literally…

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