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Well, folks, we did it! As of yesterday, Progressive forces scored victories all across the nation. While the Senate eluded us (but, then, we never really expected to get it), we have now got the House and scores of governorships across the country. And, just as importantly, we’ve proved to ourselves and the world that…

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VOTE: Don’t Listen To The Naysayers!

We aren’t far, now, from Election Day. In just a few more days, we will have our best chance of stopping Trump before 2020. But, let’s confess, it’s hard to stay optimistic. Already, the media is saying that the GOP is rebounding, and that the blue flood is being reduced to a blue trickle, or…

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An Encounter

Recently I took Uber from San Jose to San Francisco.  The driver was a 31 year old black guy who had endured a rocky home life in Arizona and California.  I usually don’t talk politics with someone I don’t know, but made an exception in his case. When I asked him what he thought of…

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