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Syrian War Gets Hot

News outlets are reporting that Israel launched a major air strike into Syrian territory yesterday and last night. Details remain very sketchy, but apparently Israel launched the attack in retaliation for the downing of one of its jets from Syrian anti-aircraft fire.

According to the Washington Post and BBC, among other outlets, the confrontation began when an Iranian drone entered Israeli airspace at 4:30 a.m. last night. Israel responded by sending eight warplanes to hit the Syrian base from which the drone supposedly came. One of those planes was shot down by Syrian anti-aircraft fire, though the crew made it to safety.

In response to the downing, Israel then sent an unknown (but apparently very large) number of jets to attack twelve different sites in Syria—all, reportedly, military bases of either Syrian forces or Iranian.

LR net views this development with considerable concern. It is a serious escalation in the increasingly deadly struggle between Israel and Saudi Arabia on one side and Iran and its allies and proxies on the other. If that struggle should turn into outright war, it could be extraordinarily bloody, and would almost certainly disrupt the whole region.

Yet, as of press time, the White House seems to be maintaining radio silence on the whole affair. Certainly, there is nothing posted on that might indicate that the Trump Administration had any sort of plan to deal with the increasing violence in the Middle East.

The inertia of the Trump Administration is disturbing in the extreme. But it is in keeping with its disregard of foreign affairs and foreign threats no matter how serious.

And this incident could be very serious indeed.