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Syria, We’re There To Stay?

Trump recently said that the USA is pulling its troops out of Syria—one of the more boneheaded decisions he could have made. While it is a good question whether we should have gotten into the country in the first place, clearly leaving now would be to open up the doors of hell. The Islamic State is eager for a come-back, Russia would love to add the country to its growing and reformed empire, and the Syrian government under Bashar al-Assad is just itching to commit a few more mass killings of rebels.

Despite howls of protests from the military, Trump hasn’t given any signs of changing his mind. But, here’s an interesting little twist in the story. According to The Washington Post, Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) is kind of hinting that Trump’s plan for an exit is actually a plan for a long term stay. According to the article, Graham met with Trump and then described the exit strategy in very strange ways—specifically “…Trump’s plan to leave Syria sounds suspiciously like a plan to stay in Syria — one that could be extended indefinitely, too. Speaking to reporters Sunday, Graham described Trump’s Syria plan as a ‘pause situation’ rather than a withdrawal.”

So it could be that American troops will be there for a bit. The question, though, is whether this was really Trump’s decision, or has the Congress and the Military just made its own plans, and then convinced 45 that it was his idea all along?