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Susan B. Anthony Will Be Having One Epic Afterlife Party in 2018

By @BossBird17

The women are coming, the women are coming, the women are coming!

In the next few weeks, I will be profiling several women from different districts and states in our country, who are running for Congress.  This is truly an extraordinary time for our nation as women in droves have announced their candidacy in local, state, and federal elections.  The plethora of candidates is staggering and can be viewed at:

When I was a young girl, Geraldine Ferraro, was the first woman to be selected to run as the Vice President on the Democratic ticket.  I was heartbroken when the Democrats lost and, we girls, saw our hopes dashed.  While I was attending college, it was not considered a “normal” occupation for a woman to become a governor, member of the House of Representatives, member of the United States Senate, secretary of state, or attorney general. The tide started changing in 1992, termed “The Year of the Woman,” when twenty-four women were elected to the House of Representatives and three women were elected to the Senate.

The Woman’s March, the assault on women’s rights, and the threat to our democracy from the Trump administration have galvanized women from diverse occupations, religions, and nationalities to become outspoken and engaged in our political system.

Women have not had the right to vote for even 100 years, but here we are with an unprecedented number running for political office. When we vote, run for office, and become engaged in our political system, we are making the suffragettes proud and honoring their hard work and tenacity.

I’m reminded of a famous quote by Susan B. Anthony that applies to this momentous occasion:

There never will be complete equality until women themselves help to make laws and elect lawmakers.”

So, I hope you will take this journey with me in the coming weeks and get to know what our women candidates believe in and have to offer to make our country better for everyone.