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Would We Survive an Economic Fallout?

By T.L.

I have never been a conspiracy theorist and in truth have never given too much serious thought to survivalist concepts but as I read our current ongoing history in the making, see the references to the stock market crash and the Great Depression, I begin to truly realize that economic collapse is one of the very real potential dangers we face. How would you survive? How would we survive? As the resistance comes together to fight for our democracy, I must ask myself, would we fight as equally hard for each other if the wolves were at the door, economically? Would we ban together as a community all across our country and do what it takes for our survival or would we erupt into chaos, every man for himself so to speak?

It’s been said that the real test of a person is not when the sun is shining and their world is rosy. The true test of a person is when the day is dark, when the storm clouds hover and spill their fury upon our heads. Would we fight for the underprivileged then? Would we fight for each other? Would we form support communities and work together to bring our nation back to solid ground or would we be part of the chaos as we have witnessed in some cities during times of high stress. Would we burn our neighbors businesses to the ground, bash in car windows, resort to destructive modes of behavior that affect our fellow citizens. Would we base our communities and our help and give a damn on race or religion or political affiliation or would we stand up for the fairness and the principles we expect those in leadership today to stand up for? Where would you stand? What would you do?

It may be time to give some serious thought to what we might do and to where we stand. Our country is in serious trouble with a President that cares more for self and money than the people he is in place to serve and a GOP that has an agenda to strip the people while the chaos erupts around them. We must decide what we stand for. We must decide the urgent and the important and learn to differentiate between the two.

Would you be prepared for economic collapse? Most of us would not be. The rich, if you do a bit of research, have houses on islands in other countries and in our own, private fenced and gated areas where they lay out a foundation for the very worst. Perhaps not all of them, but many of them would have a destination, a place of safety, a haven should the worst happen. What would the regular Joe blow have? Would you be able to survive and ensure the survival of those you care for? Perhaps it’s time for us to consider the potential disaster that could well face us in the coming future. It’s a dark unthinkable future I know, but however dark and unthinkable, the potential for such to happen is real and we must at least try to be prepared. Not many of us have the financial means to do it on our own, it would take community. You know, others of like mind, others of skill and talent and means. What skills do you have or could you acquire that might serve to make you a candidate for a community that supports each other, where life and limb are equated to the very skills and means for survival that it would take in such an unthinkable position? I am not suggesting that we are headed in that direction but we must all see that the potential is there. Because it may not happen does not mean we should not try to prepare to counter the devastating effects that such a fallout would have upon all of our worlds.

Skills and means that might help lend to survival

  • Land – having land or a place to call home, large enough to house a community.

Land, water wells, solar panels, wind generated electricity options.

  • Seed, tiller, hoes, shovels and varied gardening tools and skill

Can you garden? Do you know how to grow food, how to preserve food if modern conveniences were interrupted?

  • Livestock or hunting ability
  • Living arrangements

Can you build homes, even tiny homes, which might be excellent for varied reasons? Do you own the tools, would those tools need electrical power? Do you have hand tools, would you know how to use them? Tents, RV’s whatever it might take to support life.

  • Medical skill – Are you a nurse, a doctor or have basic first aid that might be of need in a community
  • Medical and other Supplies – antibiotics, bandages, aspirin and things of that nature. Toothpaste, toilet paper (I can’t imagine life without that) soaps, toothbrushes, combs. Water purification skills and supplies.
  • Weapons and ammunition – Necessary due to human nature and the chaos that might erupt. Also the skill to use them.
  • Fuel for tillers, equipment and necessary items
  • Sewing skills – Can’t let the masses go naked. Fabrics, tape measures, pins, scissors.

Such a very basic and small list and only a very small portion of what might be needed, yet, essential none the less.

Are we prepared to act in the interest of the whole or only in the interest of the few?

Would we be prepared to help each other, to form communities for protection, for survival or would all of our “togetherness” fly out the window in the face of economic disaster. Would we ban together as we do now in protest of our current government lack or would we turn on each other in the interest of self? Survival is instinctual but how we survive would be up to us. How many would seek to harm others and commit inhuman acts in the name of gain? How many would run amuck in the absence of law? If we can stand united against the current crisis, we could stand united against any crisis, but would we? I would like to think that we would. I would like to think that people would ban together, work together, and that we would all come out the other side closer, undivided, stronger and more alive and alert than before.

The coming period of time may well test our resolves and our skills. I hope that we, as a People, would come together and meet that challenge in a way never seen before. I hope that we would be the same shining light of beacon to the world that we have always been. I hope that if we are ever again tested in such a way that Americans will show the world how it’s done and that history will record us as The People that came together, worked together and rebuilt our world better than before.