Suck It Up...AND VOTE - Liberal Resistance


I had a conversation with someone the other day that said she wasn’t going to vote because it ‘doesn’t matter’.  All I can say is that with that intent it will matter less as no active vote will be cast by that person.

I know people don’t always think of it this way but not voting in itself is a passive vote. As we have all seen recently non-voters play a large role in who actually gets elected.  So since everyone is going to play a role as to who gets elected, we should make sure we have people that actually represent our thoughts and ideas representing us.

All I can say is this will be potentially the most important election of this generation.  So please suck it up and go to early voting or vote on election day.  Also, to make sure our democracy doesn’t fall apart AGAIN I encourage anyone that thinks they may be too busy in the future (or maybe won’t have a ride) to show up on actual election day in the future to sign up for a ballot by mail.  I did this year and it took me not even 2 minutes to fill in the boxes and drop it back in the mail.  We all need to take that 2 minutes and participate or the system clearly starts to fall apart.

Chris Madsen