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Student In MAGA Video Identified

The Cincinnati Inquirer has identified the student in the MAGA video as Nick Sandmann. Further, Sandmann has issued a long statement putting forth his version of the encounter between himself and Nathan Phillips, a Native American elder and Vietnam Vet. In the statement, Sandmann said that his group was insulted and threatened by a group of Black Hebrew Israelites in the crowd and that he and his fellow students responded with their school chants and cheers. He says that Phillips then interfered and he was only standing up for himself in the ensuring stand-off with the older man.

The Inquirer has also located a longer version of the video of the incident (see below) and it does seem to indicate that the primary encounter was between the students and Black Hebrew Israelites. It also appears that Phillips did approach the students in an attempt to calm the situation. But, the students then seemed to have turned their antagonism on Phillips.

It is difficult if not impossible to tell from current evidence exactly what did happen in the encounter. However, judging from the videos and subsequent interviews with Phillips, it seems that neither the students nor the Black Hebrew Israelites handled the situation well.

The only real hero of the event may be Phillips, who did seem to step in an attempt to defuse a potentially explosive situation. In an interview in the Detroit Free Press, as cited by the Inquirer, Phillips said that he saw the trouble brewing and so got in between the two groups, “…I put myself in between that, between a rock and hard place.”