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Stopping Tribal Trumpism

I wanted to share some ideas on what I think has led up to the Tribal Trumpism that has been going on in this country and what we can do to correct it. While I realize those who view Trump as the the Jerry Springer of politics may need to read this the most and probably never will, I do still think it would be helpful for more people to understand the dynamics of what is going on. Whether anyone want to admit that this divisiveness has been slowly cultured in The United States by the Russian State or not, we must all agree that a divided country is a weaker country as that is simple logic, common sense, and a fact. I know common sense and logic seem to be lacking in America today.

There’s a song “Where’d all the good people go?” by Jack Johnson. If you haven’t heard it in a long while have a listen again. It is about a reality TV show producer repeatedly bothering him to use a song of his on some new reality show. It appears to be a social commentary on people slowly loosing touch with reality by watching so much foolish, over the top, and selfish behavior on television and in society. To put it in a nut shell shows like ‘Leave it to Beaver’ and other pretty “wholesome” shows have been replaced with drunk people from New Jersey in skin tight clothing fornicating and fighting. If we all take a step back we can realize that it may be amusing at times, but it is actually pretty bottom of the barrel entertainment. Programs like this that only model outlandish behavior slowly erode social norms and values. There’s a reason television shows are called “programs”. When someone never sees anyone model “decent” behavior then there’s a good chance they will not know what decent behavior is.

There used to be a time in this country when people gave others the benefit of the doubt (also known as taking the high road). That goes along with the humanistic idea that people do the best they can do. So next time maybe show some compassion to someone that appears to be struggling rather than instantly passing judgment on them.

People in this country used to look at immigrants and think “They look like nice people trying to improve their lives.” Now we have so many people rushing to judgment on immigrants whether it be based on their skin color, what they are wearing, how they looked, and whether or not they spoke non-English in a supposedly “free country”.

When in doubt people should simply observe and not judge. It is possible to punctuate our thoughts and not over analyze them or pass judgment. For example one child might like vanilla ice cream and another child might like chocolate ice cream. So from that one can easily observe that one prefers chocolate and one prefers vanilla. Any talk over which flavor is actually better or superior or which child is better or superior is just complete subjective nonsense. As neither one is actually better or superior they are just merely different. The next time you see something you might normally categorize as weird or bizarre stop yourself and just simply observe “That’s different! “

Trump, who used to keep a copy of Hitler’s compiled speeches on his nightstand according to Ivana many years ago, has been dusting off the old white nationalism playbook. It is quite clear to me that “Make America Great Again” came from the German Nazi idea of “Make Germany Great Again”. It is important for people to see manipulation for exactly what it is: manipulation. There’s also been a lot of talk lately about the old European white supremacist concept of “blood and soil”. Well much of America needs an accurate history lesson. The soil here and most of the blood shed in it belonged to the Native Peoples of America. So when people in Arizona repeatedly question whether a Native American legislator is here “illegally,” it shows there really is no bounds to some people’s ignorance. The true irony is he is more “American” than they will ever be.

Its also time that more people start calling out the right wing self proclaimed “Christians” that only want to spread hate, fear, and mistrust. Does that really sound like something Jesus would be proud of or support? Well I’m sure there’s people on the far right that will imply that’s just another “attack” on Christianity. Well I’m here to say it isn’t. But it is simply a request for those people to stop calling themselves Christians if they are completely incapable of acting like Christians. When people claim to be something they are not it is just another form of manipulation.

Look around people have been manipulated in this country and part of breaking that cycle is for people to admit that manipulation was going on and then to move forward.