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Stopping Russia

I’ve been watching some of Yuri Bezmenov’s lectures.  He was a KGB agent that defected to the West. If he were alive today, he would be 13 years older than Vladimir Putin.  They were both heavily trained by the KGB in a similar era.  

In that early 1980s Yuri Bezmenov said we should not allow unlimited literature/propaganda to flow into the United States from Russia, our enemy.  This was before anyone knew what social media was.

Whether it has been through Facebook or Twitter what we have ultimately done now is allow an unlimited amount of propaganda to flow into every home that has an internet connection (which is almost every home in America).  

What we must internalize is those trolls working for the Russian government are our enemy. We are in an undeclared state of war with these trolls and their bots.  Their sole purpose is to spread Russian propaganda and to spread inflammatory information and disinformation.  Now, I know some will argue we shouldn’t restrict anyone’s right to the Internet.  Well the truth is these Russian trolls sole purpose is to cause harm to our nation.  Paid Russian propagandists sitting in Moscow have absolutely no American First Amendment right to free speech on American social media.  No computer program such as a bot has a right to free, unlimited, unrestricted speech either.  Neither Russian trolls or bots have a constitutional right to try and destroy our nation.  Russia itself has moved in a direction of wanting to be able to block other nations from being able to access the Russian social media sites.  This is actual proof this can be done.  I think the reason is quite clear they don’t want the western countries trying to destroy Russia’s government from within once the West has mastered all the techniques that Russia has been using on the West.  We need legislation that will help block hostile foreign agents and computer programs from accessing our social media. Especially, if they are masquerading as American citizens.  We should allow no space for that type of deception. These social media companies will not do it own their own.  They could have already done it by now (had they actually wanted to). If the social media companies claim this is impossible then they need to shut down entirely until they can figure it out. If they want to continue to operate and earn profits they will need to figure it out.  Even if that means Americans are temporarily forced to talk to their friends and family on the phone or in person.  They say necessity is the mother of all invention.  

It is clear in my mind that the results of the 2016 election would have been different if it were not for Russian interference.  Without Russian interference there would be no Brexit either.  Without Russian interference there would be no current measles outbreaks in The United States as well.

The Russians have been actively conducting cultural subversion on The United States for many decades.  In my opinion based on everything I’ve learned America has already been completely demoralized.  Donald Trump is listed as our current president.  Need I even write a single word more?  

We are now 2 or 3 years into the destabilize phase.  Trump began campaigning 3 years ago has been in office for 2 years.  This is expected to last a total of 2 to 5 years.  At this stage lawmakers acting in the best interest of the country by impeaching could help bring an end to this.  We need more people with moral convictions to speak out and take action.  We also need the news to stop giving equal time to fringe elements.  Do we really need to hear from hate groups, bigots, or idiots as if their beliefs are equally valid?  Their beliefs aren’t valid because at their core those beliefs are quite simply unAmerican. Our forefathers did not value ignorance.  If companies like Fox News only want to continue to spew propaganda they may also need to have restrictions put on them, as well.  There’s a reason Fox News is banned from broadcast in Canada; it is rightfully categorized as propaganda.

After completely destabilized, we will be in Crisis mode which could last up to 6 weeks.  My guess is our “crisis” will be war with Iran or an overdue financial collapse.  It is imperative we not let this Russian plot progress this far because at this stage the only way to save our country will be through covert CIA action.  

After Crisis comes “Normalization”.  Donald Trump is not the “new normal” for The United States.  The moment we start thinking Donald Trump is “normal” we have been normalized by Russia. If we let it advance that far we will only be saved by military action on our very own soil.  We really don’t have much time to waste.  We need real people, including lawmakers, to take moral and justified action to help save our country from a foreign threat.  




Chris Madsen is a writer and activist based in the great state of Hawaii. He frequently writes from the unique perspective of his Pacific home. His opinions are his own.

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