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Stay Refreshed

Editor’s Note: Everyone opposed to racism, sexism, and injustice is under enomorous pressure at the moment. We are all of us fighting a desperate battle against very evil men and women. As such, we are tired. Nathaniel Tubbs III offers these tips for staying fresh, and getting refreshed, in this insane age.

by Nathaniel Tubbs III

“Happiness is not something ready made.

It comes from our own actions.”

Dalai Lama

As days have begun weeks, and weeks have begun the slow roll into months we must reflect upon how to maintain our drive. How do we stay refreshed? Rejuvenated? Inspired? My friends, the secret to extended activism lies as the sun breaks each day. It is within those first moments, we lay the foundation for a balanced day.

Enclosed is a short list of daily tips to keep you refreshed & uplifted for the journey ahead. Enjoy & remember, the journey is not the destination alone. Namaste.

  • Yoga – preparation & strength, as well as energy

  • Reflection – calm & inner peace for the storm

  • Vegetables – nutrition for the drive to action

  • Vitamins – assists bodily movements & functions

  • Breathing – ensures momentary reflection & rejuvenation