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The State of the Union Address

The so-called president will soon give his first, and we can hope his last, State of the Union address.

For anyone who has been paying attention and learned, even before he ran for president, that he lies incessantly and nothing he says is the least bit reliable, this will be something of an exercise in futility. The State of the Union address is an important opportunity for the president to sum up his accomplishments (that part will be very short for the so called president – he has none to speak of) and to articulate what he hopes to accomplish in the coming year.

He won’t admit this, but there is no reason to expect that he will accomplish anything in the coming year than more of what he spent the last year doing – being an obnoxious, racist, petty, rude, embarrassing public voice that most Americans mostly wish would just fall silent and which we hope to be shut of at the earliest opportunity.

About the only potentially interesting aspect of this ritual is likely to be whether he just reads his prepared speech, or finds the lure of a national television audience irresistible and veers, or swerves recklessly, off message, saying something characteristically Trumpian and offensive? Will we get the real message in the address, or in tweets before and after?

Will any of this really make any difference?

Not likely. Since the Donald does not understand what policy is, much less have any coherent policy program, and cannot sustain a thought, much less a train of thought for more than ten seconds, there is no reason to expect him to articulate any important policy initiatives or any sort of broad perspective that one might be able to infer any likely future policy initiatives from.

Likely the best part will be the response from Joe Kennedy, Democratic representative from Massachusetts. Elizabeth Guzman, delegate from Virginia, will deliver a response in Spanish.

Watch if you like. You’ll get ample summaries from press reports the next day.

It’s likely to be a large nothingburger.