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Sri Lankan Killings: Few Answers

The toll for the deadly blasts this morning in Sri Lanka continues to climb. As of the moment, news outlets are reporting that 207 people had died and 450 had been injured in the bombings. However, those numbers could change. The Sri Lankan government has shut down major social media platforms, such as Facebook, in an attempt to prevent the spread of hate speech and fake news. Unfortunately, this also means that news gathering has been impeded.

Neither the Sri Lankan government nor other organizations has yet said who was behind the attacks. The Washington Post noted that supporters of the Islamic State (ISIS) had claimed responsibility for the mass killings. However, some analysts have urged caution about that claims. ISIS has had a habit of taking responsibility for attacks that were not its own in an attempt to elevate its standing among jihadists.

Characteristically, Trump tweeted about the tragedy, but got his facts wrong, saying that “millions” of Sri Lankans had died in the blasts.