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Spy vs Spy vs …Stupidity

Fascinating article over on the Washington Post site, Mar-a-Lago is a counterintelligence nightmare by Ali Soufan. Soufan is an intelligence expert, and he has just taken a look at the recent incident when a Chinese national was arrested at Trump’s “Winter White House” with a USB drive full of malware. (Curious how that little affair has vanished from the public eye.)

Soufan argues that Mar-a-Lago may have a great golf course, but it is a piece of cake for any foreign intelligence operative …read “spy.” For a fee, you can enter the place, then come and go as you please, and, if you work at it, shadow the President’s staff and family. Thus, for China or Russia or any other power, Mar-a-Largo is tailor made for looting America’s secrets.

The amazing thing, of course, is that Trump himself doesn’t seem to understand that. He continues to vacation there as often as he can, and seems more or less convinced that his own staff (not even the Secret Service or the FBI) can handle any intelligence threat. Which, of course, has already been proven to be untrue.

Perhaps the problem is that every other American president has had some concept of war. They either served in the military (like Kennedy and Eisenhower), or they had studied it extensively (even Woodrow Wilson was a historian). But Trump has never been in his nation’s armed forces, and as for scholarship…well, other than close examinations of the bodies of porn stars, he does not seem to have done that either.

And so it is that, like far too many CEOs who think they could run the country “like a business,” he has no conception of what governing in a hostile world, or even a real one, is all about.