Spotlight: Danielle Mitchell, MD, Candidate for Tennessee’s Third District

Spotlight : Danielle Mitchell, MD, Candidate for Tennessee’s Third District

By @BossBird17

Part III:  The Republican Tax Plan, Trump’s Budget, Jobs and More

I’ve seen very promising candidates fail to get their message across and lose elections due to a lack of embracing social media. Unlike those candidates, Dr. Mitchell has been going full throttle in her adoption of Twitter and Facebook. Her Twitter feed and Facebook page contain her positions on important issues, links to relevant articles or websites to support her views, taped videos for Facebook breaking down government policies that will affect Tennesseans and all Americans, the introduction of “Teach Me Tuesdays” on Twitter, and photos from across her multicounty district where she has gotten to know the constituents.

Currently, the most topical issue that she has posted a Facebook video on is the Republican Tax Plan and her Twitter post from December 7 highlights what income brackets are going to see a tax hike.  At the time of this writing, the GOP tax plan gives corporations a permanent tax cut, repeals the estate tax (less than 1% of people qualify to pay this tax), a large tax cut for people who earn over a million dollars, a tax hike for low income earners, and the repeal of the individual mandate to purchase insurance in the ACA.

Needless to say, Dr. Mitchell is against this plan and states:

“Over 10 years, the middle class is actually going to see an increase in it’s taxation. This is absolutely one of the most disastrous things of my adult life watching politics.  We are literally going to see the backs of the middle class completely broken off this tax bill.”

The Republicans continue to say this is a “fair bill” and a middle-class tax cut, yet the current bill shows a different story.  She illustrates this aspect by pointing out:

“Why is it that the corporate tax cut rates, which are huge cuts…that’s a permanent tax rate cut for corporations and, yet, the small percentage of people that may see a tax cut in the first year and then it’s going to go up according to their tax liability is only a temporary cut.”

She also highlights the 1-1.5trillion dollars that this plan will add to the deficit and how history has shown that the Republican mantra of “trickle-down economics” has never worked. It does not create jobs, so there will be no growth to offset these large tax cuts. This deficit will have to be paid back, she says, by “future generations.” Also, there will have to be cuts to Medicare and Social Security to reduce the deficit that will be created. Indeed, one can review online the Republican budget that passed in the fall that cuts 473 billion in Medicare over 10 years, 1 trillion from Medicaid over 10 years, and 653 billion will be slashed over 10 years from SNAP, SSI & SSD, EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit), unemployment insurance, and federal civilian retirement and disability.  These cuts were made to support the Republican Tax Plan that cuts taxes to the 1% and corporations.

These cuts will hit Tennessee particularly hard because it ranks #6 in the nation for receiving SNAP and #7 in the nation for receiving SSD. Curiously, Rep. Chuck Fleischmann voted in favor of the budget and the Republican Tax Plan, so I asked her if she thought Rep. Fleischmann was voting in her district’s interests.

“He is not representing our district. We are in one of the most needy areas of the nation…Cutting the social safety nets for people is literally going to leave the people falling off the cliff. People are going to die in these cuts. We are taking the food off of people’s tables…Some of these cuts might not be a lot to some people like know, you are going to get $10 less a day in food stamps, but guess what, $10 a day for a family might be a meal for a family.”

She would like to help more small and medium size businesses open in Tennessee and provide incentives for people to start these businesses.  For example, the outdoor recreation industry employees 183,000 people in Tennessee and this is a great growth area for the increase of jobs in the state.

She would like to see improvements in infrastructure as there are some areas of her district where people have no access to transportation to the areas where jobs are located.  Plus, there are areas in the northern portion of the district that do not have internet service and some people have problems paying for internet service.  To combat this, she would like to see publicly owned broadband service for citizens to go online, learn, apply for employment, and work from home.  In contrast to Rep. Fleischmann, who co-signed a letter to the FCC asking them to repeal net neutrality, Dr. Mitchell understands the importance of net neutrality and is a proponent of it.

In addition, she believes that Tennessee should have a $13-$15/hr. minimum wage that would be livable, as opposed to, the current $7.25/hr.

Tennessee is largely a Republican state and Moderate Democrat, Phil Bredesen, won the governorship in 2006 by appealing to Republicans. She believes that she and her campaign does have crossover appeal:

“We are running a campaign on people policy and not party policy, so people love to classify things by labels because it makes a very easy decision for them. They don’t have to look at the data, but we are really trying to make this very simple…Chuck Fleischmann is clearly not voting in the interest of hard working Tennessee middle-class families. He is clearly against the vulnerable population as well and he is only serving the interests of people who donate heavily to his campaign.  Those are typically people who are not even right here in this 3rd Congressional district. Our campaign and our strength are that we run a campaign based on people policy and we actually are proud to say that we have Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, who are all serving on our campaign committee.”

Finally, when I asked her why the citizens in Tennessee’s Third Congressional District should vote for her rather than incumbent Charles Fleischmann, she replied:

“I’m kind of a what you see is what you get girl and it’s really easy to go out there and take photo-ops…But, I ask people to consider this, you know, public service is really about action. Not just the picture and just posing with people and when you show that you have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice to take care of people, that really is where the integrity of the message lies.”

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