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Spambots and KGB and…Allegations

Okay, this one is really scary.

You’ve doubtlessly been following all the allegations of sexual harassment in high places. Doubtless, too, you looked on with sick horror as it appeared that the accused really were a bunch of creepy guys who probably did, really and truly, do all the stuff they were said to have done.

But…then, it got kinda weird, as people like George Takei and Al Franken got accused too. In other words, liberals whom the Right have hated for years and years.

Okay, maybe Takei and Franken were guilty. We don’t know. We’re as clueless as you are. But…a couple of odd things have started to stir these already muddy waters…like, for instance, that at least one of Franken’s accusers seems to have some serious baggage of her own.

And now…now…it has gotten worse…way worse. And here’s where the story gets genuinely scary.

In a fascinating article on DailyKos, Stone & Infowars knew before, Putinbots all over it: how to deal with the horrific possibility, Karen Wehrstein notes a couple of really scary things. First, it seems that at least some of the Right’s favorite flame-throwers (like the merry folks of InfoWars) had some kind of prior knowledge of events. That is, they somehow knew that, for example, Franken was going to be accused before his accuser said anything.

Second, some of the stuff happening right now on Twitter and Facebook promoting the story that Franken et al are guilty of sexual transgressions, seems a little …odd. To wit, the individuals posting seem to be saying the same thing at pretty much the same time.

In other words, they look a bit like bots.

Is Ms. Wehrstein right? Well, we don’t know. But it is something that someone, somewhere ought to be looking into, because if it is true, it means that we are undergoing a yet another sophisticated disinformation campaign—complete with trolls and bots and hackers, oh my.

And who would have the tools and manpower to do that? Well, it could be some organization here in America…

Or somebody far away…

Moscow, for instance.