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Somebody Give This Woman A Medal!

There is a fascinating little article over in the Richmond Times-Dispatch  of Richmond, Virginia, by Tom Dodson, entitled Richmond bookstore owner says he called police after woman confronted Steve Bannon in his shop. It seems that Steve Bannon, formerly the Brain Trust (such as it was) of the Trump Administration, was in the Black Swan Books bookstore when he was confronted by an angry woman who told him exactly what she thought of him. Apparently “piece of trash” was the least offensive of the terms she used.

The owner called the police but the woman (who is unidentified as of press time) had already left the store.

Oh, of course, naturally, to be sure, We Here At Liberal Resistance Dot Net abhor such public incivility.

Sure we do. You betcha. Such abhoring. That’s us.

Uh…if the woman ever is identified…

Can we start a Gofundme to get her a gold medal?

Asking for a friend.