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Some Threatened Whites Support Fascism

It’s well known that some Trump supporters see themselves as a threatened racial “minority majority.” White people are becoming an ever smaller part of the American population, and that frankly terrifies these people. Now, a recent study has shown that such individuals are also increasingly less supportive of democracy. Writing in the Intellectualist, Jake Thomas notes that Steven Miller of Clemson University and Nicholas Davis of Texas A&M University have surveyed a number of white Trump supporters and found a startlingly strong link between racialist attitudes and support for some sort of strongman who would protect white status in America.

Notes the study’s authors, “Shifts in racial demographics — to the degree that America eventually becomes a ‘minority-majority’ country — and the election of the nation’s first black president ‘constitutes a sense of threat to white Americans with a sufficiently high attachment to their white identity and who also fear what this change in relative status will do to their material well-being.’” That leads more or less inevitably to “…a negative evaluation of democracy because democracy, by design, empowers the minority with the same opportunity of access to politics and power as the majority, even if the governance that follows is still some form of majority decision-making. Democracy is a compromise that empowers the minority beyond its actual numerical endowment. For the subset of white Americans we describe, democracy ultimately empowers their source of perceived threat.”

In other words, such people might happily support a dictatorship, or even a totalitarian regime complete with concentration camps, if it just kept them in power. Or least relieved their terrors of being racially insignificant.

Which is rather horrible, when you think about it.