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Snopes Probes Islamophobic Network

Snopes, the fact-checking site, has discovered a network of linked Islamophobic, pro-Trump, and anti-Liberal pages on Facebook. In two pieces, Disguising Hate: How Radical Evangelicals Spread Anti-Islamic Vitriol on Facebook and What We Learned Investigating a Network of Islamophobic Facebook Pages, Alex Kasprak notes how a number of radically right-wing Facebook pages, all purporting to be independent and the product of a diverse group of Americans, are in fact all the work of “A small group of radical evangelical Christians …build[ing] a coordinated, pro-Trump network that spreads hate and conspiracy theories.”

The pages, which make wildly inaccurate claims about Muslims and Liberals, are all linked to evangelical activist Kelly Monroe Kullberg. The some 24 pages associated with her have said that “…Islam is ‘not a religion,’ that Muslims are violent and duplicitous, and that Islamic refugee resettlement is ‘cultural destruction and subjugation.’ Just hours after the April 2019 Notre Dame spire collapse in a catastrophic fire, this network went into overdrive sowing doubt about the possible role Muslims had in its collapse.” In addition, says Kasprak, the pages in the “Kullberg Network” have gone so far as to say that “the survivors of the Parkland school massacre are on a ‘leftist-Islamic payroll.”

Moreover, it seems there are direct links from the Kullberg Network to GOP funding. Writes Kasprak, “Snopes also found that at least one prominent GOP donor, William Millis, funded and/or exploited the efforts of the Kullberg network. Millis was a fundraiser and campaign board member for current HUD Secretary Ben Carson’s 2016 presidential campaign.”

In short, Right-Wing activists seem to be using precisely the same tactics as the far more famous Russian Troll Farms, but they are doing it right here at home, with any Putin pushing them.