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Smirk-Boy’s Mom Blames Black Muslims

The boy who confronted Native American elder Nathan Phillips has still not been officially identified. However, a woman claiming to be his mother did contact the online publication and said the young men were innocent and that they had been provoked by “Black Muslims.”

The boy appears as seemingly the leader of a mob of jeering young men who confronted Phillips and other Native Americans on Friday. Video of the incident has gone viral.

Now, a woman claiming to be the boy’s mother has contacted via email and claimed that the boys were innocent, that Phillips had instigated the confrontation, and  that the boys had previously been harassed by “Black Muslims.” According to, there were no Black Muslims in the area that day, though there was a group of Black Hebrew Israelites preaching on the steps on the Lincoln Memorial. A bystander took a video of the encounter and posted it to Youtube. That encounter, too, looks very much like the young men are the aggressors, taunting and insulting the small group of African-Americans. It is true that, as the argument heats up, the Black Israelites use some very unfortunate language to the boys, but this comes only after the boys began the confrontation.

The video is embedded below. It is queued to start at the beginning of the incident.

It should be noted that there is no proof that it really was the boy’s mother was the individual who contacted, nor is it clear why she should choose that publication among the many on the web to which to send her complaints.