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Smash The Robo-calls

There’s a useful article over on Credo Mobile’s site. In How to stop robocalls, scams and phone spam, the authors look at the robots that are dialing our phones day in and day out. You know the type of calls I mean—ads, scams, cons, special offers, threats…all sent to you by cheery recorded messages that are seemingly unrelated to anything even remotely human.

Well, guess what, there are a number of things you can do to fight back, ranging from signing up with do-not-call lists (marginally effective) to purchasing cunning call blocking applications for your phone.

Why do we mention all this? Because we figure that after the last election, you may be a little tired of robots and their calls. (Special note: we’re Progressives, but somehow we ended up getting scads of calls from Trumpster organizations begging for votes and money.) So, we thought, let’s share a few ways of getting away from them.

At least until 2020.