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“Smart” Guns Dumbed Down

Here is an interesting factoid. It is possible…even easy…to build a gun that only the registered owner can fire. The same technology that we use to secure cars with wireless ignitions could be used with firearms. One plan calls for the user to have a bluetooth enabled token in his or her possession, and if it isn’t there, the gun won’t shoot.

But, guess what? The technology has been frustrated by (wait for it) guns rights advocates. Notes

The good news, if there is any here, is that the issue of smart guns is starting to get some traction in the national discourse. Presidential candidate Andrew Yang, for instance, has made them part of his campaign platform. His website says that a Yang administration would “Invest in personalized gun technology that makes it difficult or impossible for someone other than a gun’s owner to fire it, and ensure that they’re for sale on the marketplace.”

Well, Mr. Yang may never be president. But let’s hope he brings this issue to the forefront.