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by Virtual Reality2, Marc Keyser host and commentator

Fox News has become President Donald J. Trump’s State Propaganda platform fawning over Trump, lying incessantly for him, and attacking people who are opposed. If we are to successfully undermine the Trump regime, we must first deconstruct Fox News and shut them down.

Trump would not have won the election, stayed in office this long, or held sway over his base of white nationalist followers were it not for Sean Hannity and the other media shills on Fox News. We need to pull the plug and cancel the lies and propaganda.

Fox News is a luxury liner for advertisers with viewers ratings in prime time (Mon-Sun) hitting 2,446,000 on April 2, 2019.

The deeper the Fox New cruise ship sails into polluted waters of the plague infested Trump regime’s fact-free-lying-Nazi-propaganda dead zone, the more more and more major advertisers are wanting off the stinking ship.

Sean Hannity has delivered unwavering support for Trump for years, while Trump has helped Hannity soar to some of the best ratings in cable news Their relationship has become so close that Hannity is a de facto Trump adviser. Apparently, Trump calls Hannity after the show, and Hannity gives him insidious ideas on what to do next in the plot to dismantle our government. Sean Hannity is to Trump what Joseph Goebbels- the Minister of Propaganda– was to Hitler.

Hannity is threatening to leave Fox News because he now believes that Fox News is drifting away for their rabid Nazi propaganda in support of Trump, and “the Murdochs are out to get Trump”.

It is more likely that the Murdochs are envisioning the future of political Judgment Day coming for Donald J. Trump and those who support him. The hand is writing on the wall, and Trump’s days may be numbered. The blue wave of public backlash against Trump’s White-Nationalist-neo-Nazi regime is coming.

Hannity’s discontent underscores a growing problem for Fox News’ owners: they are stuck between trying to promote President Trump and trying not to alienate mainstream corporate advertisers, who have increasingly denounced the most inflammatory rhetoric from personalities like Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Tucker Carlson. And the sick Trump fawning on Fox and Friends.

Judge Andrew Napolitano was a staunch Trump supporter on Fox News; however, with the release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s redacted report he has changed his position.

“I am disappointed in the behavior of the president,” Napolitano said. “If he had ordered his aides to violate federal law to save a human life or to preserve human freedom, he would at least have a moral defense to his behavior. But ordering them to break federal law to save him from the consequences of his own behavior, that is immoral, that is criminal, that is defenseless, that is condemnable.”

Napolitano also published a scathing op-ed earlier this week that said Mueller “laid out at least a half-dozen crimes of obstruction committed by Trump.”

Napolitano is not the only one distancing himself from the Trump regime. Rupert Murdoch seems to be having second thoughts about the cost of being the Trump propaganda broadcast media and pandering to the base of white nationalist extremists as the boycott against advertisers grows.

Chris Wallace Special Report: Some opinion people who appear on this network, who may be pushing a political agenda. But, you know, we have to deal in facts. And the fact is that this letter from the special counsel … was a clear indication that the [special counsel] was upset, very upset.

Fox News Is A Raging Dumpster Fire Of A TV Network

Fox News supports Trump. They put this egomaniac, criminally corrupt, treasonous Russian dupe in power pandering to White Supremacists and neo Nazis running America for the good of the really rich and Russian dictator Vladimir Putin while promising to Make America Great Again, which means Make America White Again like it was in the days of slavery before the Civil War. Trump is promises a Brave New World controlled by white-privileged-neo-Nazis, a dystopia where all the non-whites, the Jews and dissidents live retched, dehumanized, fearful lives in a bankrupted country under the dictatorship of President for life Donald J. Trump policed by an army of Trump’s paramilitary-Brown-Shirt-Nazi Strom Troopers and terrorists.

Fox’s prime-time shows generate the lion’s share of the network’s ratings and ad revenues; but there have been increasing issues with lost advertising. Many blue-chip companies are reluctant to buy time on those shows because of the divisive pro-Trump content and the fear that the boycott will spread to their business and cost them financially.

“Executives are very worried Fox & Friends will be next. If advertisers start bailing on them, they’re screwed,” an insider said.

After Laura Ingraham mocked Parkland shooting survivor, David Hogg over his college rejections, several companies said they would pull advertising from her show.

In response, Mr. Hogg, who has rapidly become a prominent advocate for gun-control policies, called on Ms. Ingraham’s advertisers to boycott her show. Eight of the companies, TripAdvisor, Wayfair, Hulu, Nutrish, Johnson & Johnson, Nestle, Atlantis Paradise Island and Stitch Fix, said they were removing their ads. A ninth, Expedia, said it had recently pulled its advertising.

Fox News is no longer a viable business. It’s a matter of time until the boycott David Hogg started ends up putting Fox News out business.

Trucker Carlson, who has a history of repeating white nationalist talking points, sparked outrage in December when he claimed on air that immigrants were making the U.S. “poorer and dirtier and more divided.” Some 26 companies, including Pacific Life, IHOP, Bowflex and, pulled their advertisements in response.

Language-instruction app Babbel said it was “deeply sorry” after one of its ads was broadcast during an episode of Tucker Carlson’s controversial Fox News show.

In a statement shared on Twitter, the online language learning company acknowledged placing an ad “with Fox.” But the company said it “did not know” the ad would air during the prime time “Tucker Carlson Tonight” program, which it called “so repugnant and at odds with our mission and values.”

Fox News attacks critics who are boycotting.

We will not allow voices like Tucker Carlson’s to be censored by agenda-driven intimidation efforts from the intolerant partisan activists Media Matters, Sleeping Giants and whose only goal is to silence conservative thought they don’t agree with,” a spokesperson said in a statement to The Hill.

Here is the problem… Tucker and the rest are not news commentators as much as Trump promoters who have gone far beyond “conservative thought” into un-American, White Nationalist, Nazi, KKK racist extremism.

Adolf Hitler, der Führerr and Joseph Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda, were the first to claim of the right of free speech to justify hate speech and racism. They use “free speech” to divide Germany, to attack their opponents, incite violence, and put a positive spin on the extermination of 6 million Jews.

Fox News has degenerated into a white supremacist Nazi chat room for Trump’s base.

But the Fox News dominance of conservative media and Trump propaganda may be close to splintering. Fox can’t afford to lose many more advertisers, before they become an advertising dead zone.

The Fox News Boycott has scored one victory after another and the end game is in sight.

We need to continue to put public pressure on advertisers until they see the wisdom of not advertising their products in this toxic wasteland. We need to cut off millions of dollars of advertising revenue and shove a sock in Trumps media megaphone.

Trump supporters have gone White-Nationalist-Nazi-Germany with Hitler in the White House destroying America from within and selling America out to Russia.


Join the Call-In

Call My Pillow 800-544-8939 en mass, help crash the phones, disrupt business until owner Mike Lindell deserts the stinking ship.

We need small demonstrations out in front of the Fox News station nearest you to help provide visuals for the news media coverage.

We need people, lots of people on their smart phones calling My Pillow constantly to complain. Spread the word on social media, go viral. Unleash a tsunami wave of callers to crash the phones and cost them a bloody fortune, until the My Pillow Guy deserts Fox News to save his own skin.

Make an example of My Pillow and send a message to other advertisers: get off the stinking ship and get out of the dead product zone before the plague of callers spreads to your business.

Deconstruct Fox News

The day Parkland shooting survivor, David Hogg called for a boycott of Lauran Ingraham on Fox News 8 advertisers dropped the show. That was day Fox News was no longer in control.

Fox News is no longer a viable business. It’s a matter of time until the phone boycott goes viral. The Call-In to My Pillow is on a slow burner just waiting for Fox News Nazis to say something grossly offensive and bring the coalition together to launch the invasion.




Marc Keyser is a writer and activist who has pioneered the use of the cellphone as an instrument of mass protest. The opinions expressed here are his own.

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