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Shooting Down Trump’s Delusions of Dictatorship

Trump praises China’s ruthless dictator President Xi Jinping for making himself president for life, “No, he’s great. And look, he was able to do that. I think it’s great. Maybe we’ll have to give that a shot someday.”

By Marc Keyser, TheResistance.Blog

The only shot Trump deserves is to be be shot for treason.

Trump met with Kin Jong-un, the North Korean dictator, and he wants Americans to love him the way North Koreans love Kim Jong-un. Trump wants American citizens to show him the same reverence that North Koreans show leader Kim Jong-un. Trump is impressed by the respect that Kim commands from his people.

“He’s the head of the country — and he’s the strong head, don’t let anyone think anything different,” Trump said during an interview on Fox News. “He speaks and his people sit up in attention. I want my people to do the same.”

The early days of Kim’s rule were brutal. As he sought to consolidate power at the age of 27 in a society that reveres age, he purged those who he felt could be a threat.

Kim Jong-un runs a totalitarian dictatorship in which people face imprisonment or execution if they dare criticize him. According to human rights watchdog Amnesty International, North Korea has imprisoned an estimated 120,000 people based on political grounds across four separate camps dedicated to imprisoning political dissidents. People living in these camps are “subjected to forced labor as well as torture and other ill-treatment.”

Kim’s uncle, Jang Song-thaek, who handled relations with China, North Korea’s closest ally, was publicly arrested in the middle of a Workers party meeting and executed. Kim would later be accused of ordering the assassination of his older brother in the Kuala Lumpur airport in February 2017. Public executions of military officers increased under Kim, according to North Koreans who escaped the country.

Despite this, Trump can’t stop praising Kim for being a “very tough” leader who “loves” the people of his country.

Kim Jong-un is a ruthless dictator. He “loves his people” as much as Mussolini loved his people.

Negotiate with Kim Jong-un to reduce the threat of nuclear war, yes. Praise and emulate this moral monster, no.

We need to shoot down Trump’s delusions of being America’s Dictator for Life.

We’re not “Trump’s people.” This is America. America is a Democracy not a dictatorship. We are American. We are the Resistance, and Trump is a fraudulently elected official we need to dispose of.

The Russians launched a cyber-attack on our elections. Russian dictator Vladimir Putin helped Trump win. The election is not valid. Trump is not the legitimate president. Trump is a fraud.

Hillary won by a 3 million vote margin. The America people voted and elected Hillary Clinton. She is the rightful President of the United States of America.

Trump was not elected by the People, he was elected by a narrow margin in the Electoral College in an election manipulated by Russian hackers to help Trump win.

Trump collaborated with a foreign government to manipulate our election, and he has been presiding Putin and doing his bidding giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Trump must be impeached by Congress and indicated and brought to justice by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Donald Trump doesn’t need to be Dictator for life. What Trump needs is to be convict in a federal prison for life … for treason among his other crimes.

Drop a Communication Bomb on Bank of America and force Congress to impeach Trump

JOIN THE MARCH ON BANK OF AMERICA: Instead of Marching on Washington, march on Bank of America and Merrill Edge in every city because that’s where the money is.

JOIN THE CALL-IN: Call Bank of America and occupy their phones. Put their business on hold and send a message to Congress. On the phones, we are free from the threat of violence from Trump supporters, we are free from the threat of Riot Police, tear gas, and arrests.

Occupy the phones and interrupt business at Bank of America with passive-aggressive phone protesting. Call for free, call in the thousands, call in the millions, call and kill their business with kindness.

JOIN THE DIE-IN: Lie down inside the nearest branch of Bank of America make yourself comfortable. Take up floor space. Line up in front of the bank so customers must cross the picket line to do their banking. Make international news with small, local, peaceful protests.

SOCIAL NETWORK: Use your smartphone to broadcast news of the Call-in. Call and social network… spread the word on the internet. Call in solidarity, occupy the phones and drop a Communication Bomb on Bank of America.

Call in solidarity and put a chokehold on the bank’s communications, put business on hold. Invite activist in cities around the world to join in calling Merrill Edge and repay them for the damage they did to the global economy in the 2008 housing market crash they caused. Breakup Bank of America.

NO GUTS NO GLORY: it takes one organization, in one city activating one thousand people to picket out front and call Bank of America and begin tying up the phones. A few thousand callers social networking is all it take to go viral and bring millions of angry activist to the phones calling to crush communications at Bank of America and Merrill Edge.

Give the Phone-Protest a shot… the only thing we have to lose is Bank of America

Weaponize your smartphone, lay siege to Bank of America. Go viral, and bring a great multitude of protesters to the phones from around the world calling to crush their communications and lay waste their business. Call and kick their ass until their teeth rattle.

Storm their phones, cut off their lines of communication, reduce their business to rubble. Force Congress to impeach President Trump just to save Bank of America from being a disaster area.

Occupy the phones, go viral, and it will snowball and start an avalanche that will bury the bank alive in phone calls. It’s only a matter of time until stockholders panic and start dumping their stock and depositors want their money back and start a run on the bank.

In the virtual reality of the telecommunication system, there will be no blood shed. Bank of America will be morally wounded, cut off, and financial destroyed, but callers will be safe and sound.

Either Congress impeaches Trump, or Congress loses Bank of America and faces a melt-down on Wall Street. It’s their choice. Congress will bend the knee or Congress will face the wrath of the People in the financial crisis on Wall Street.

Join the Resistance, call for Action, bombard Bank of America with phone calls and blow their business to hell.

Congress can impeach Trump, declare Hillary Clinton the rightful winner, nullify every law, executive order, appointment, and undo everything Trump has illegally done. We are going to get rid of Trump before he does to America what Mussolini did to Italy.

Congress will comply, Trump will be impeached and prosecuted for his crimes, justice will be served, and Hillary Clinton will be declared the duly elected president of the United States of America because no one wants millions of activists occupying the phones and shutting down Wall Street.

Donald Trump doesn’t deserve to be Dictator for life; Trump deserves life in prison  … for treason.