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Sex Predators Unite

It just keeps getting better and better, doesn’t it. Trump’s fav fellow alleged wandering hands guy, Brett M. Kavanaugh, keeps losing allies. Even his own Yale frat bros are beginning to drift away from him. The Washington Post is reporting that, “Three former Yale Law School classmates who endorsed Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh called Tuesday for an investigation into allegations by two women that he engaged in sexual misconduct in the 1980s.” Specifically, the paper says, the three are Kent Sinclair, Douglas Rutzen and Mark Osler, all of whom had before said nice things about their old school chum when he was first nominated.

Now, though, the three aren’t so sure. They are still supporting him, but they are also saying that everything should come to a halt until we are all absolutely sure about Kavanaugh’s qualifications (and morals).

As if that weren’t enough, more women are coming forward to accuse him of improprieties. The Guardian is reporting that a third woman has said that his conduct was distinctly unbecoming. Notes the paper, “Julie Swetnick says she witnessed efforts by Kavanaugh and others ‘to cause girls to become inebriated … so they could then be gang-raped.'”

All of this is scary, and in another age, with another president, and another Party, it would be certain to throw a Supreme Court nomination into reverse, or at least hold, until the facts could be honestly ascertained.

Will it this time? Of course not. Trump is a predator himself. This is, after all, Mr. Grab-Em-By-The-Pussy. And as for the GOP? Well, the Republican party long ago abandoned anything like morality. So, we can guess that the GOP Congress will continue to press ahead no matter what.

Let’s just hope, though, that before all is said and done, enough data will be revealed to, at least, slow the head-long rush to confirmation until after the mid-terms.

And then, let’s hope, it will all be a different game.