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Sessions, The Enemy Of Liberty

There is an article you should read over on The Atlantic‘s website, The End of Civil Rights, by Vann R. Newkirk II . In it, Newkirk demonstrates with depressing finality that Jeff Sessions has emerged as the greatest enemy of civil rights that this country has seen in decades. He has single-handledly set out to reverse everything that was achieved in the 1960s and 1970s by such figures as Martin Luther King and the Kennedy brothers. Whether voting rights, or anti-discrimination legislation, or simple human dignity, Sessions is working tirelessly to shut it down.

Of course, on some level, this isn’t a surprise. Sessions is a figure out of a racist tradition that was supposed to have died out in the 1890s. But what is truly disturbing is that this horrible, rat-like little creature is in a position to make his assortment of diseased biases the law of the land.

Though, who can say? Perhaps there is one silver lining to this particular shitstorm. To wit, by amply demonstrating his crudity and bigotry, Sessions may so thoroughly discredit his own agenda that, after Trump’s fall, it will be relatively possible to remove the grotesque Trumpian legacy from law and government.

Just as you might remove a tumor from some otherwise benign organ…

With scalpel, X-ray, and toxin…