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Senator Rubio, What Will You Say?

From the tangled web we weave file…

So, over on the Huffpost site, we have Sen. Marco Rubio Tells Students He Does Not Agree With The March For Our Lives by Carla Herreria. It seems, writes Ms. Herreria, that during the March For Our Lives, Rubio was quick to note that the protesters had the right to speak their minds…but that, he cautioned, many Americans would see them as dangerous to Freedom. Specifically the freedom to carry an AR 15.

Then, he went on. He insisted that his support for the second amendment, and his rejection of gun control, and his “disagreement” with the March 24 students, had nothing to do with the large amounts of money that he might, maybe, just perhaps be getting from the National Rifle Association.

Oh, no, not at all. Not in the least.

It was purely a principled stand, he took, to defend a pillar of liberty.

Mr. Rubio…may I call you Rube? Rube, do you think anyone believes you?

More importantly, do you think you will be able to spin the same tale…before your children, in twenty years?

Or to History, in times to come, when it judges you?


Or, if there is one.

Before your God?

There at the gate?

Between the shadow and the light?