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Selling America Short

There’s really only one thing that Trump has shown time and time again that he’s really good at, and that’s extracting the wealth out of anything before completely running it into the ground. He’s practically the king of bankruptcies.

There’s a good chance he and his associates have shorted the stock market. They know that if Donald J. Trump is in charge for any period,  the whole entire American economy is certain to crash sometime in the following 4 years. It’s practically perfect arbitrage. Have all the recent dips in the market been actual verifiable sales or are they short sales from Donald Trump and his associates? He started off his “Presidency” with steel tariffs. That’s the easiest way I know to throw a wrench in the economy.

Imagine someone so greedy they would try and ruin the entire American economy so he and his associates could potentially make trillions in short sales. Imagine that kind of greed and you have Donald J. Trump. If he’s really reached that level of greed I hope Mueller has a way to confiscate any illegal earnings he and his associates have or will make shorting America in this highly treasonous activity.

~ Chris Madsen