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Sean Hannity and/or the KGB

From the we-sorta-figured file…there’s a fascinating article over on Mother Jones, How Russian Trolls Boosted Conservative News Outlets in the United States by Ali Breland. It seems that a study commissioned by the Senate Intelligence Committee shows that Russian operatives did everything they could to promo right wing news sources in the United States during and after the last election.

Notes Breland, “The report by New Knowledge, a security company that tracks online misinformation, examined Russian digital propaganda efforts over a two-year period starting in January 2015, when the accounts they tracked first began posting on Instagram and Facebook. Its findings include data showing Russian troll accounts on Facebook overseen by the Kremlin-linked Internet Research Agency heavily amplified links from sites including Breitbart, the Daily Caller, and the Washington Examiner, alongside lesser-known outlets like,, and”

Among the opinion makers boosted in this way was none other than Sean Hannity.

We never had any doubts about Trump being a Russian asset. But now we have to ask…

What about Fox News?