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Did SEALS Murder A Green Beret?

It is now being widely reported that Army Green Beret Staff Sgt. Logan J. Melgar may have been murdered by two Navy SEALS while in the African nation of Mali. Among other periodicals The New York Times and The Daily Beast are saying that Melgar may have discovered that the SEALS were taking money from a fund established for informers. Melgar objected, and the two other men either strangled him outright or attempted to frighten him and somehow things got out of hand.

LR Net views this situation with revulsion. We wonder if there isn’t something uniquely horrible about the fact that our endless conflicts are now destroying our most elite units.

But, then, certain members of our government got us into this mess by using lies and deceit. (Remember the WMDs that were supposed to be in Iraq?) How could anyone think that the moral cancer at the top wouldn’t spread to the rank and file? Even making its way to our most elite combat units.

America has entered the end of the empire phase of our short history.