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Score One for Bottoms

William B. Turner

Pity.  Jamie Allman, the host of radio and television who recently threatened to batter high school student and newly minted gun control activist David Hogg by “ram[ming] a hot poker up [his] ass” has resigned.  He has also decided to hide all of his tweets.

This episode epitomizes the sickness that is the toxic masculinity of “conservatism,” and Christianity, in the United States.  A typical bully acts out and makes some completely outlandish, juvenile statement, in this case in defense of gun rights and the NRA’s ridiculously reductive interpretation of the Second Amendment, then some sane, rational entity or individual intervenes and makes the bully back down, thus proving what a wimp the bully was all along.

We don’t seem to have heard much from Mr. Hogg in response to this vile threat.  No doubt he is again busy being the adult in the room and does not deign to acknowledge such a ludicrous, puerile threat from such a childish man.  Mentioning the colleges that had chosen not to admit him was a rookie PR fail, but he seems to be learning fast.  Good for him.

Although Mr. Allman’s stupid threat does not merit a response from Mr. Hogg, it does beg for some attention in terms of what it says about how sick our society is with respect to issues of gender and sexuality.  The threat to sodomize a political opponent in a what would presumably be a lethal way is typical of U.S. “conservatives,” who rarely, if ever, have any intelligent, rational arguments to offer for their policy positions and so resort to this sort of cheap, irrational personal attacks instead.

That we know, before Christians invaded — it’s hard to tell because the Christians so eagerly destroyed everything they found when they arrived in “the Americas” that we have little evidence — many, if not most, Native American societies respected and valued their members with same-sex attraction.  The claim has been offered that Native Americans recognized five genders, but for all we know, to ascribe the idea of “gender” to them at all may be a fundamental misprision.  To us, “gender” is a fundamental, necessary component of human identity, but we can tell that it is highly culturally specific and may not have existed at all among Native societies.  We will likely never know for sure because no one thought to ask any Native persons who grew up in a Native culture without any Christian intervention.

So the conceptual vocabulary that allows for insults such as the threat to sodomize someone with a hot poker is a distinctively Christian imposition in “the Americas.”  Obviously, none of us would be here as we are and history would have developed very differently had Europeans not shown up in “the Americas” when they did, or not been the first group to get here, or not chosen to destroy every culture they found among the indigenous peoples, but they did.  We’re stuck with what we have.

But we can and should condemn threats such as Mr. Allman’s loudly and emphatically, and those of us who can should reject the attempt to shame us for enjoying being penetrated sexually, since there are many ways to inflict harm on another human, so Mr. Allman’s choice of metaphor here obviously reflects, among other things, the wish to feminize Mr. Hogg and make him appear weak by suggesting that he is susceptible to anal penetration.

Enjoying anal penetration as a consensual sexual act is no necessary indication of weakness or of femininity, although femininity is nothing to be ashamed of, either.

Mr. Allman and his petty threat are emblematic of a deeply sick society, or a deeply sick segment of a society, in this case, U.S. “conservatives” who have virtually nothing constructive to offer to public discourse, which is why they say idiotic things like what Mr. Allman said.  Sinclair broadcasting deserves some minimal credit for removing him from the public airwaves, but Sinclair itself has also been very much in the news lately for its bad habit of forcing local stations it owns to broadcast propaganda in support of the so called president.

Mr. Trump has not been quite so crass or puerile as Mr. Allman, at least since he became president — “grab ’em by the pussy” is a slightly less hostile threat than “ram a poker up [his] ass,” but the difference is one of degree, not of kind — but they do share many other characteristics and we can only hope to be shut of the Donald soon, as we now are of Mr. Allman.

It is well to note that, while Sinclair dumped Mr. Allman immediately in response to his attack on Mr. Hogg, Fox News continues to allow Laura Ingraham to broadcast despite her recent attack on Mr. Hogg.  Granted, Ms. Ingraham was far less graphic and grotesque than Mr. Allman, and she apologized “in the spirit of Holy Week,” but we may still ask the question — what sort of person attacks a high school student who recently survived a shooting at his school at all?  The answer, as we can see in many locations right now, is good “conservatives” of the degraded, U.S. variety.  Allman and Ingraham are only the two who are sufficiently famous, for no apparent reason, for their petty attacks on a teen ager to attract much public notice.  Neither of them should have any public voice at all, and we should continue the boycott of any company that advertises on Ingraham’s show, or on Fox News at all, as a show of our willingness to defend the higher principles and aspirations of our culture.

Luckily for us, hardy Twitter user William LeGate proved his intestinal fortitude by watching all of Ingraham’s first show back from her “pre planned” (how does one “post plan”?) vacation to make a list of every company that still advertises on her show.  He reports that the quantity and quality of the ads has dropped precipitously, but Fox holds on for now.  Keep up the pressure on the list of companies you can find here:

Trump lost the popular vote.  Hideously mean spirited, vile, “conservative” Americans are the minority.  We can win this war over them and still respect their rights as citizens.  Keep up the boycott.

May Mr. Allman enjoy is hot poker all alone.