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Saudis Are Losing In Yemen

We don’t often agree with stuff that gets published in American Conservative magazine. But, we have to admit, when those folks are right, they are right.

Consider the following article, Saudi Arabia is Losing the War in Yemen: Four years ago, they thought they could defeat the Houthis quickly. But the Yemenis turned out to be tougher than expected, by Michael Horton. The article looks at how the Saudis, with the full support of the United States (at least after Trump was elected), went to war with Yemen in the belief that their (mostly mercenary) army would mop up the Yemenis in a few weeks. In fact, they got their clocks cleaned and are now in a classic quagmire.

Notes Horton, “By continuing to fight the Houthis, Saudi Arabia and the UAE are paradoxically strengthening their enemies and providing Iran with more fertile ground for its influence operations. The Houthis are superb fighters, but have shown less competence with regard to governance. The war and Saudi and Emirati airstrikes have enhanced the Houthis’ legitimacy by allowing them to do what they do best: fight.”

What should the USA do about this problem? Well, maybe nothing. Maybe the best thing we could do is stop providing the Saudis with the high tech weapons they using to fight, and lose, the war. The problem with that, of course, is that it would require an administration less committed to supporting of an Saudi “ally” whose loyalty is somewhat questionable at best.