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Saturday Night Massacre 2.0

So Trump’s version of Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre, October 20, 1973, seems to have officially began.  So far Trump has already forced Attorney General Sessions to resign for not ending the Mueller investigation.  Sessions previously recused himself from the Mueller investigation angering Trump.

For those unfamiliar Nixon wanted Cox’s special investigation into Watergate terminated.  He ordered Attorney General Richardson to fire Cox.  Richardson refused and resigned in protest.  He then ordered Deputy Attorney General Ruckleshaus to fire Cox as well.  Ruckleshaus also refused and resigned in protest.  Nixon then convinced Solicitor General Bork to fire Cox and he considered resigning but then did fire Cox.  This was Nixon’s last effort to try and get the investigation off of himself.  Although he eventually succeeded in getting Cox fired another special council was appointed shortly after and by November 14, 1973 a court had ruled that the previous firing was illegal.

It will be interesting to see if Trump will try and order Session’s replacement to also fire Mueller and whether he will do it or not.  If he refuses, will he also be fired or forced to resign in protest of being ordered to do something unethical/illegal?  Cox like Mueller was only supposed to be fired for rightful cause. The stage is set… seems like popcorn time should be coming very soon.

Chris Madsen