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Sanders: Bill of Economic Rights

Amazing article over on by Marjorie Cohn.  This one I feel is a must read.  This could actually help turn things around for working Americans.

The article explains how we currently have a system of “corporate socialism” benefiting only the rich and how a “democratic socialism” system would better meet the needs of the average person.

Below is a small excerpt from the article:

““In 1944, FDR proposed an economic bill of rights but died a year later and was never able to fulfill that vision. Our job, 75 years later,” Sanders said, “is to complete what Roosevelt started.”

He then set forth his vision of a 21st Century Economic Bill of Rights, which would recognize that all Americans should have:

    -The right to a decent job that pays a living wage

    -The right to quality health care

    -The right to a complete education

    -The right to affordable housing

    -The right to a clean environment

    -The right to a secure retirement

Please read this great article.  Sanders is on the right path.