Sam Clovis…exit, stage right

Sam Clovis…exit, stage right

So here’s an interesting development. Sam Clovis, Trump’s nominee for position of undersecretary of research, education, and economics at the United States Department of Agriculture, has withdrawn his name from consideration because…well, er, ah…he was kinda proved to be in bed with foreign powers.

Personally, we’re really happy to see him go. And not just because of that little Russian connection thing…though, admittedly, that was pretty messy.

But the real reason we’re delighted to see the swinging door catch him on his well-endowed rump is that he had as little business being in charge of anything scientific as he had flapping his wings and trying to fly to the moon. He had absolutely no background in anything like the hard sciences. As in Zip, Nada, None…

What he is is a climate change denier, a slightly rabid right-wing talk show host, and one of the disturbed individuals behind the Dumpster’s attempted ban on Muslims entering the country. Oh, and he also accused President Obama of “race baiting.”

And his actual academic and intellectual qualifications? Well, he’s taught economics, and he’s got a Ph.D. in public administration. But neither of those things have much to do with agricultural science.

In short, he was an unqualified buffoon who’s only (and questionable) values were his loyalty to the White House and his equally unquestioning fidelity to the fossil fuel companies which hate even the mention of “climate change,” and figure they can get rid of all those pesky environmentalists by simply telling them to shut the f__k up.

In short, he was the very model of an anti-Scientist…ignoring evidence and reason and claiming that reality is what he tells it to be. And it darn well better obey orders, if it knows what’s good for it. That tide better stop coming in and getting King Trump’s boots wet, or there will be hell to pay.

Or, to put it another way, he is precisely the kind of person we don’t need anywhere near the USDA, or NASA, or NOAA, or any of the other agencies that deal with science. Because, there’s the thing. The tide isn’t going to stop coming in. And unless we are able to look at the data rationally, and respond appropriately, there is a good chance that drowning is an option. Not one we’d like, but it is on the table…

Now we learn that Clovis was also a bit of a scamp with the boys and girls in Moscow. It seems he arranged, or tried to arrange meetings between Trump’s people and certain figures in Russia. On a friendly, informal basis, naturally…

So shall we say it out loud? Increasingly, climate change denial as a movement isn’t just wrong, isn’t just stupid…it is part of a larger, more deadly assemblage of ideas including disdain for science, a single minded devotion to the interests of certain members of our power elite, a rejection of reason, and, perhaps most of all…

A rejection of America, which (you’ll recall) was founded on Enlightenment principles…including reason and science.

No wonder, then, that Trumpsters and denialists find so much to admire in Putin, that latter day Czar…

Who need only say 2+2=5…and it is so.


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