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Russia’s View Of Nuclear War

Most Western countries like the United States and most of Europe traditionally have looked at nuclear war as an option of last resort.  These countries seem to have a better understand that nuclear war would be devastating and has the potential to end all human life on earth.  They also understand that millions if not billions of lives would most likely be lost.  Not to even mention the consequences of creating a worldwide nuclear winter.  Maybe that’s Trump plan of action on climate change?  

Can we get one thing very clear Russia’s quest is for world domination, nothing more and nothing less.  Russia is always thinking in a zero-sum game mentality; that is in order for them to gain something they need to take something from someone else.  However, Russia in its quest for world domination doesn’t see things the same way as the West; they are always looking for an opportunity to get MORE.  The Russian viewpoint, which is arguably somewhat psychopathic, is if they think they can figure out a way to survive nuclear war and get more money, resources, power, or land out of the deal then nuclear war IS a viable option.  

Coming into 2016 Russia was in economic free-fall.  One surefire and time tested way to spur economic growth would be through border expansion.  I have taken the viewpoint Russia and China have had an alliance to protect mutual interests for some time.  Russia isn’t going to try and expand by attacking China.  Both parties would do everything in their power to ensure the other is completely annihilated.  Interesting that Russia sure was quick to step in and offer China all the soybeans and poultry they wanted to buy after some useful idiot started a trade war.  It went so smoothly almost liken it was planned, or something like that.  

When Russia placed what the KGB would refer to as a “useful idiot” in the Office of The President of The United States, I believe the plan was for the collapse of NATO through the alienation of European allies and for The United States to look the other way as Russia continued further into its former eastern block countries and ultimately into all the rest of Europe to spur some much-needed economic growth.  The Beast or Beasts from the East had awoken and were plotting world domination.

The reason Trump is a traitor and committed treason is he was willing to undermine The United States in exchange for the promise of more money and more power at the request of a hostile foreign government.  Trump was too stupid to understand that his “useful idiotness” would run out sooner than he realized.  He was never going to be in charge after normalization.  After all, let’s all be honest Trump doesn’t actually have the ability to successfully manage a sleazy used car lot.  

The KGB always wanted to recruit people with no morals.  They knew people like that were flexible and could be easily molded.  Someone like Trump that couldn’t answer a simple question like, “Is stealing wrong?” without babbling on for 30 minutes incoherently is that exact match.  

According to former KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov, “The highest art of warfare is not to fight at all but to subvert anything of value in the country of your enemy until such time that the perception of reality of your enemy is screwed up to such an extent that he does not perceive you as an enemy.”  But hey, Trump says the Russians are our friends and we should drop sanctions on Russia.  That is pretty much where we currently stand with Trump as our puppet President.  The real dilemma is we essentially need the impossible done.  We need greedy Republican lawmakers without a moral bone in their body to have enough spine to do what is in the best interest of our country.  They seem content to keep covering up for the “useful idiot” to try and hide the fact they have also been on ‘the take’ with Russia for some time via the NRA or otherwise. We need dramatic changes to our Republic as Trump and many of the Republican lawmakers have sold out or nation with their pay to play policies.  The actual people of this country have almost zero representation because they don’t have enough money to buy enough Republican Senators.