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Russia’s Pyrrhic Victory?

William B. Turner

The so called president denies it, which is meaningless, but the actual evidence, which “conservatives” ignore because they don’t get the concept, overwhelmingly indicates that Russian agents took various steps to help the Donald win the 2016 presidential election.

One thing they apparently did was to participate actively on various social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, not only buying advertisements, but creating profiles and posting material that was variously designed to promote the Trump candidacy and exacerbate the existing social tensions that Trump liked to play on, such as hostility towards undocumented immigrants and Muslims.

These tactics only worked on people who are dumb enough to consider supporting the Donald to begin with.  Even the most avid user of social media would have found Russian propaganda utterly unpersuasive, even before widespread reports that it is such, if that person was smart enough to realize that the Donald is as dumb as a post and utterly unqualified to be president of the United States.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, however, the Russian propaganda approach will have even less sway in U.S. politics.  It is already routine to see Twitter users dismiss posts supporting the Donald as Russian bots.  This is not always fair.  The so called president does have real American supporters, and some of them can figure out how to operate Twitter, apparently.

But the point remains that it is now very easy to dismiss nearly any statement of a “conservative” opinion as the voice of a Russian bot.  This is not a problem at all, of course, since “conservative” opinion is usually complete nonsense.  The Mueller investigation will likely produce definitive evidence on the question of Russian influence on the election.

In the meantime, we have the amusing spectacle of a news story in a major publication describing the fact that Russian bots are all in for Laura Ingraham as she suffers an advertiser exodus for her ill considered attack on newly minted gun control activist David Hogg, who committed the rookie mistake of complaining publicly about the number of universities he has applied to that have rejected him.  Ingraham, as a good Christian, saw an opportunity to twist the knife of Second Amendment absolutism and sniped at him for his ill considered plaint, instead of offering solace and encouragement, as any thinking adult would do.  She offered a half hearted apology, “in the spirit of Holy Week,” which Hogg rejected.

The Russians are firmly on Ingraham’s side.  Not that any thinking person needed any further indicator of which is the right side in this debate and which is the wrong, but who wants to side with the Russians?